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Optiteam staff is ready to give you an in-depth picture of how it is to work within Optiteam, as well as some of the specific corporate values that influence the organisation.

consultancy Clients

Consultancy (non-equity) clients can give you a brutally objective description of how they perceive the cooperation with Optiteam, as well as tools used and results achieved.

Equity clients 

Clients having received equity investments are able to answer your questions of how the unique diligence processes simultaneously helped build company value, establish confidence in the cooperation, as well as give you an understanding of the methodologies Optiteam uses throughout the relationship.


Optiteam Advisers & Partners can give you various perspectives because of their parallel roles & business relationships with several parties. This proves an excellent asset as they are extra keen on maintaining top performance when bench-marking with competing Strategic Management, Financial Management, Sales & Marketing, Product Development & Administration.


The unpolished story from a high performing supplier, delivering to a demanding client, can provide very interesting information. Another useful knowledge is the dimension of working with/ from locations physically situated around the globe, with vast different cultures and time zones.


Business Angels, Private Family Offices and Limited Investment Partners give you facts on their economic returns.

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